Understanding The Car Shipping Process

Often people make wrong assumptions about an industry, which are false and should not be relied upon. When you are thinking about hiring a car shipping company for the sake of moving your vehicle from one place to another, then it is important that you research about all of the ideas you have about the industry, so you can benefit from reliable vehicle shipping services. Following are some points that you must realize before moving your vehicle with an auto transport company.

Have Realistic Expectations

People often fail to realize that the car transportation industry is not like courier services. When a car transportation company gives you a time frame for vehicle delivery, then it means that your car will be there on that time, if road and weather conditions remain normal. However, situation changes every second on the road and therefore, one should not think of this time as exact. Delivery time is calculated upon previous experiences, weather updates from the different areas, current road conditions. There are plenty of variables that can interfere with the timely delivery of your vehicle, so there is no need for you to panic if your car is not delivered on the time that was mentioned to you.

What Door-to-Door Car Shipping Really Means

Most people take the meaning of door-to-door car shipping to literally. Keep in mind that a car-moving trailer cannot enter a residential area, either due to road restrictions or due to maneuverability problems. Keep in mind that a car moving trailer can be up to 70 feet long. It is impossible for such a truck to enter a residential area. Therefore, you will have to pick up your car from the nearest place where the car moving trailer can easily reach.

Be Ready to Make Payment

Before shipping your vehicle, you must inquire about the payment procedure and methods. Some auto transport companies may require you to submit an initial deposit of 15-20% before moving your vehicle. When this is done, the rest of the payment should be made when your vehicle is delivered to you. It is important that you ask about how to make the payment when you get your car. It is possible that the truck driver might not have credit card facility, so you must have a check ready for him.
Otherwise, you will not be able to receive your vehicle.


Insurance is one of the key things to check when you are hiring a car transport company. It is best that you discuss all the clauses of insurance document with someone who understands them properly and make sure that you understand them too. Any ambiguities in the insurance document should be discussed with the auto transporter before you sign and hand them over. If the insurance provided by car transporter is not enough, then you should ask about if it is possible to buy more insurance for your vehicle. Your vehicle should be properly insured for transportation.

Understanding car transportation is easy, when you think through every point, with a realistic approach. By making sure, that you do not repeat the above-mentioned problems and ensure the tips mentioned in this article, you can easily ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle with the help of auto transport companies.

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