Honda Shows Off A ‘New’ Acura

vehicle shipping,Acura has been a best seller for Honda for a coon’s age, and it’s beginning to look a little long in the tooth. Which is probably why Honda is showing off a newly revamped Acura at this week’s LA Auto Show.

The new 2014 Acura RLX is almost 300 pounds lighter than its predecessor and sports a powerful 310-horsepower V-6 engine under the hood. Despite the increased power plant Honda says the new Acura will get about 31 mpg which is not too shabby for a mid-sized sedan and comparable to much smaller vehicles. No doubt, given the trend toward a preference for increased fuel efficiency this will be a big selling point. In this age of all-electric, hybrid electric and flexfuel vehicles, the fact the 2014 Acura will offer old-fashioned gasoline powered fuel efficiency might just be enticing for consumers who remain wary of these as-yet-untested power technologies.

Although, the Acura will offer some advanced technology designed to improve the driving experience. These improvements range from LED powered headlamps to a wildly improved communications system (although we’re still unsure what that is.) Also among the technological improvements are the all-wheel steering controls which offer improved control for the driver. These all-wheel driving systems help the driver control the vehicle by offering better wheel control under adverse driving conditions.

How well the 2014 Acura does with consumers has yet to be determined, but given the name recognition, and the fact Honda can slap a “new and improved!” sign on the new models, means it’s likely a much less risky bet than designing a new model from the ground up.

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